Carmignac apoia a Cruz Vermelha francesa para ajudar a população afectada pela crise na Ucrânia

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The conflict in Ukraine is a tragedy for Europe and the world. Not only has it undermined peace in Europe, but it is also becoming a humanitarian crisis for the Ukrainian civil population living in fear and missing the most basic means of subsistence. While our thoughts are with the victims of this conflict, we want to take practical action and contribute as humanitarian needs on the ground are increasing day after day.

In Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk region, the ICRC provided 3,000 litres of water to the hospital to keep services running (22/02/2022). ©Anastasia Alyokhina/ICRC

Carmignac has decided to support the French Red Cross to help the populations affected by the crisis in Ukraine. We are launching a donation campaign partnering with our employees and you, our clients. Building on the long-lasting business and trust relationships we have been building with you over time, we would like to take our partnership to a new and much-needed level.

Carmignac has made the decision to donate an initial EUR 100 000 and will match all our employees’ donations and your donations 1:1 up to the doubling of our initial donation.

Neutral, impartial and independent, the French Red Cross is part of the world's largest humanitarian network. Founded in 1864, this organisation helps people facing disasters, conflicts and health and social problems. Today, the French Red Cross is increasing its response to the humanitarian needs in Ukraine and in Ukraine's neighbouring countries.


The donations raised will be used for the actions implemented by the French Red Cross, together with its partners in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, in Ukraine and in Ukraine's neighbouring countries by supplying water, basic necessities (hygiene products, clothes), distributing food products or vouchers, first aid kits; care for the injured and support for hospitals, including the provision of medical equipment and medicines, first aid training; care for refugees; psychological assistance, activities to maintain and restore family links, etc.

Let’s donate and support this cause.

Click on the link corresponding to your location to benefit from the tax conditions applying in your country:

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*The donation page is in euros but your donation will be converted into pounds sterling.

Learn more about the French Red Cross

This is a proposition to participate in this fundraising. All the donation process including the processing of personal data to allow the donation is dealt with by the French Red Cross. No personal data will be shared by the French Red Cross with Carmignac. Carmignac will only receive a report on the donations total and the geographical overview of the donations.